Life is a journey and one of the biggest milestones in life is getting married. A day filled with emotions and we are there to capture those.

World's Best Wedding Filmmaker 2016 - WEVA

World's Best Wedding Film 2018 & 2019 - FLS

Europe's Best Wedding Filmmaker 2020 - Way Up North

Maru Films

The best way to describe our work is: Unique, emotional avant-garde style wedding films. We have a passion to capture the purest of emotions. We don’t just film your wedding day, but we tell a real story about your love through conveying the emotions between the couple. By showing their world, their love in a unique and very customised way. And all of this we do without you even knowing we were there to capture those special moments and the love.

Our strongest asset as Destination Wedding videographers is that we always aim for the perfect synergy between what we film, what has been said and the music. All aspects are equally important to tell your story in the best way possible and for you to look back at your wedding film in 20 years and feel exactly what you felt on your wedding day. Therefore every wedding we create is different and unique.

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