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Every now and then something special happens, the stars align and things just seem meant to be. After watching our Iceland engagement video Emily & Ofer contacted us with the question if we would like to film at their Iceland destination wedding. Come again? Iceland? Of course! We felt so honored. Not only because E&O are all the way from the US, but because E&O are professional wedding photographers themselves. Not to mention how many videographers they could choose from in the US.

How we got to do our first destination wedding video

After meeting through Skype, we said “yes, let’s do this!” to each other. Making our first Destination Wedding a fact. The days after felt unreal, as if it was a dream. But it was really going to happen! We are heading back to the country where we got engaged. E&O’s wedding date was October 5th, a few days later on October 10th happens to be exactly one year ago Remi proposed to Pui-Yuk in Iceland.

The months between our first Skype call and their wedding day flew by. We kept contact during this period. We wanted to know every little detail about their wedding and most importantly we wanted to know everything about them personally. Turns out E&O are the most loving, sweet and caring persons we could ever wish for. They are so much fun, so driven and enthusiastic. Their energy gave us even more energy to do the best we can. We were so thrilled and excited. We couldn’t be any luckier they picked us out of all the other possible videographers!

We got to learn why E&O choose Iceland for their wedding. Turns out, Emily loves horse back riding. It has always been a dream of her to ride the extremely friendly Icelandic horses in the breathtaking Icelandic scenery. And Ofer, ooh boy, he is a very fast runner and everybody said it: Ofer. Runs. Fast. And and now he had the opportunity to do that in between the lava fields. But more specifically on their very first date E&O talked about going to Iceland and they knew right away that’s the place they wanted to get married.

The moment arrived

Knowing all this got us even more impatient to go. And then, the moment arrived. We packed up, got in the train and to the airport, just to find out our plane got delayed. Oh.. oh… Good thing we went a few days before the actual wedding. In the end we arrived 4 hours later then estimated, but very happy to be back. We immediately got the rental car and were on our way!

The days leading up to the wedding

The day before the wedding E&O had planned several activities for the group to enjoy together. First we had an amazing lunch. This was the first time we got to meet them in person! It felt like we had known them for years, but it was still so surreal to be able to talk face to face. The restaurant was filled with the kindest and warmest people out there. After lunch we went to relax at the Blue Lagoon. The first time we went to Iceland we didn’t have enough time to visit this geothermal spa, and we regretted it so much. Who knew just one year later we would be visiting this place.

Next day was planned for travel. It takes about 2 hours to drive to Budir. The place where E&O would get married. On the way, the weather was terrible. It rained and stormed. We were driving along a mountain road and all of a sudden the cover of our side mirror just flew of. At some time I was afraid the car would flip to its side because it was just so windy.

Once at Budir, we went location scouting to see what’s nearby. The surroundings were filled with typical Iceland scenery; lava rocks, mountains, a waterfall, sheep, seals, etc. During this scout we actually filmed the first scenes of the video. With a monopod in the backseat through an open side window because of the bad weather. It was crazy, but it worked without being too shaky!

Then the big day was there. First we all had a nice breakfast at the hotel, while Ofer was putting on his shoes for his morning run. We quickly ate our breakfast and joined Ofer’s run, me driving and Remi sitting on the tailgate of the car. In the meantime Emily decided to go for horse back riding. She had planned to go the day before, but because of the bad weather it wasn’t possible. But on the wedding day the weather seemed good! While I was making some detailed shots of the location and the scenery, Remi took the car and went after Emily to go film the horse back riding.

Once everyone was back at the hotel, you could feel something was about to happen. Everyone got more and more excited. It was fun to see everyone dressed up. E&O got married alongside a volcanic rock near the seaside. It was truly amazing; words couldn’t even describe how it felt for us being there. I really had to look twice to realize this was actually happening, finally here in Iceland at this specific spot, with crazy amazing scenery. It was truly breathtaking. And so was the ceremony, which was led by one of their best friends. When the ceremony started the sun even began shining on everyone’s faces. It was just perfect. E&O couldn’t stop smiling. They were radiant. During the ceremony some seals were even swimming right next to us and popped their head out of the water just to have a look at what was going on. Can you believe that?

After the I do’s, the rings, the vows and the stomping of the glass, the ceremony was over. It was time for a 2 hour-long photo/video shoot with our lovely couple. As wedding photographers E&O just knew how important it is to plan enough time for the shoot, so we didn’t have to rush. We didn’t go far, it was still just outside the hotel. We couldn’t believe our eyes. To see what we saw, with E&O in their wedding attire, walking through the Icelandic nature. To this day we still can hardly believe it.

After two cold hours (poor E was freezing in her beautiful dress, good thing she brought her furry jacket), we went back inside to warm up and get ready for diner. But wait! The sun is setting just across the mountains, and the light is just absolutely breathtaking! We then ran inside and we convinced E&O to come back outside for just 5 minutes. We assured them they wouldn’t regret it! And oh, the images turned out just perfect. We all kept saying “Okay one last shot!!”

During diner friends and family gave speeches, it was heart warming to hear the lovely stories. The room was literally filled with people who adore E&O so much. After the diner the party started and everyone kept dancing till they could dance no more. Literally, at some point E&O were just laying on the ground.

The edit was hard, because there was so much epic material to choose from. And we wanted to make something special. Different from all of the wedding videos we had done in the past.

We still get goose bumps watching the video. Every time we show it to people, they tell us how emotional they get. For us, in our minds we’re back in Iceland, even if we just hear the music. E&O’s wedding was extra special for us. It seemed as if all the stars were aligned: Emily & Ofer, their love for each other, not being afraid in front of the camera, letting everything go, up for anything during the shoot, the most emotional spot-on vows we’ve ever heard, the sweetest warmest people surrounding them and of course: Iceland. Everything was just perfect and somehow like it was meant to be.

We’re extremely proud of the result. This is what we’ve worked so hard for, this is what we stand for, and the reason we love doing what we do. We hope you feel the same.

If you are planning an Iceland destination wedding? Do it! Believe me, you won’t regret it. And oh, don’t forget to

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