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As Wedding videographers we are best known for our avant-garde, authentic and cinematic way of filming and storytelling. Most reasons couples book us is because of the way we reflect the powerful love and all emotions perfectly through the wedding films, colours and sounds. A perfect mix between dramatic and romantic elements keep our films interesting and make people watch it from beginning to the very end.

We keep hearing how people are very touched after watching our films without even knowing the couple. You feel like you’re part of the story and you’re emerged into their world. This is our strength and what we aim for in every single wedding film. Without being intrusive on the wedding day itself, we’re able to capture the powerful emotions. Not just from the couple but also amongst the wedding guests, family and friends.

Our way of filming won’t make you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, most times you won’t even notice we’re there as wedding videographers. Since being married ourselves we know what’s most important and what you would like to see back. The moments with your friends, the moment where you interact with your parents, your little nieces and nephews as flower girls and ring bearers, that tear in your sister’s eyes, the proud look of your grandparents, that speech from your best friend. We film at your wedding as if it was our own.

As creative professionals we have a unique artistic eye for filming with attention to details. The combination of these authentic images, carefully chosen music and being able to capture the true emotions, make a unique type of art wedding film that’s super emotional. Take a look at our portfolio or on our Youtube channel and see for yourself. 

Our work as wedding videographers has been recognised by many in the industry and we have won several awards since.

  • Winner Europe’s Best Wedding Filmmaker 2020 – Way Up North Wedding Photo & Film Awards
  • Winner World’s Best Wedding Film 2018 & 2019 – For Love’s Sake awards
  • Winner Best Wedding Film 2017 – For Love’s Sake awards
  • Winner World’s Best Wedding Filmmaker 2016 – World Event Videography Association
  • Winner Wedding Photo & Film Award 2016, (film category).
Wedding videographer
Wedding videographer

Who are we?

We are Remi and Pui-Yuk, the founders of Maru Films. We are blessed with two little dragons Nova and Luna (our daughters) making our lives a rainbow, unicorn, Frozen, Mickey and Panda music festival✨. We work with a team of associate filmers to have a nice work/life balance. We live near Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport so we can hop on the plane or take the car and go anywhere to document love and adventures all over.

Making wedding films is our passion. We don’t like walking on the same path over and over, being repetitive feels boring for us. We love going out of our ways, and doing things differently as wedding videographer. This is also our way of filming, from different perspectives and points of view. But also in our way of storytelling. We don’t just show what happened during the day, but our story goes much deeper. Some describe our films as avant-garde style (experimental or innovative).

Wedding videographer

Wedding Videographer - Maru Films

Maru Films team

In 2010 we lived in Japan for a year and studied the language. It was also in Japan where our passion for filming and storytelling really took off. Hence the name Maru Films. Maru (まる) is Japanese and literally means: round, circle, infinity or perfection. A nice link with weddings. Pronounced mah-roo

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