1. What is your approach at filming a wedding?

For us it’s really important to capture the story of a wedding, the atmosphere, the laughter, the tears as they happen on a day. We try not to interfere with the day itself, because we love it to unfold the way it would without us there. However there is one exception to that and that’s during the shoot. As with photography for us videographers the shoot is also important and we will also give you directions what to do.

We always film with 2 people, this creates more dynamic, but also makes sure we can capture what we want to capture and minimizing obstructions to miss our shots.

2. What will be the length of the wedding film in the end?

We are not bound to the length we have mentioned in our packages, these only give an indication. If the film required to be shorter or longer to tell a better story we will do so. We want to tell the whole story in the most engaging way.

3. How will you present yourself on the day?

We will present ourselves in an appropriate manner for a wedding, well dressed, but still with the flexibility and comfortability to shoot the best way possible.

4. How do I pronounce Maru?

Maru (まる) is Japanese and means circular, round and perfection. Ma is pronounced as “mo” from “mother” and “roo” from “kangaroo”.

5. Do you guys also join for dinner?

Obviously we don’t have to sit at the head table, but without food we can’t perform. The best timing for us to eat is when you (the couple) also eats. Because most of the time that’s when nothing is happening and we don’t miss anything and continue with loads of energie right after. This is important to discuss with the caterer before hand.