Suzanne / Frans-Jan

“While planning our wedding we were contemplating wether or not we wanted a videographer next to our photographer. Usually people prefer to hire a photographer over a videographer, but because of our experience with Maru we now know that a video says a whole lot more than just photos.
During our online search we came across the wedding films of Maru Films. We were immediately sold. Getting goose bumps while watching wedding films of complete strangers, that does not happen often but it does with the films from Maru. And now as a married couple, we couldn’t speak more highly in regards to the added value of Maru Films’ wedding video. The wedding day flew by and there were even things that we did not remember from the hectic and adrenalin of the day. Because of the amazing wedding film we got to experience so many extra beautiful moments.

The film is and will forever be a beautiful reminder of an amazing day for us, our loved ones and later for our children. My mother has already seen the film 19 times, she can’t get enough of it because of the beautiful images and the story in the film.

Because of this wedding film we can experience the day again, intensely and with all the emotions we felt on the day itself.  Every detail is beautifully filmed, every emotion is indescribably portrayed and it takes us back to our most special day in our lives. A film that really takes you back to that day!
Our compliments for Remi and Pui-Yuk. The quality of filming is indescribable and you do not often see this kind of wedding films. In addition, it was great to have them on the day, friendly to our guests, invisible at emotional moments, but somehow always there to film it.

When planning a wedding you have enough on your mind and it can sometimes be very stressful. But communication with Remi and Pui-Yuk was always very good, before and after the wedding. If you go for Maru Films, you will get a priceless and lifelong memory of your wedding day which you will cherish forever!”

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