Private villa wedding in Tuscany at Castiglione d’Orcia

Anne / Riccardo

The very emotional and incredible wedding in Tuscany of Anne and Riccardo. Words can’t really describe the feeling, it was such a rollercoaster for this 3-day wedding. Which we felt very much part of, they are actually very talented a wedding photographer and videographer. So they really know what they want for their wedding. From the very first start we felt at home at this wedding, Riccardo the warm big teddy bear and the very kind hearted Anne are always a pleasure to see.

A dream wedding in Tuscany

They rented out an amazing villa from WP Relais in Castiglione d’Orcia, in the always incredible Tuscany. A wedding in Tuscany was a dream for the both the of them. Although they live in Germany now, Riccardo’s roots are in Italy and it’s also where they met for the first time. The villa was also able to host a lot of the guests, has a swimming pool and excellent places for all the events of the wedding to take place.

The day before the wedding, the guests started to arrive slowly. There was a casual get together organised for all the guests, with fresh baked pizza a band. Everything was decorated in a boho style, with a carpets, a tipi and many other small details to make everything perfect. All the guests received a warm welcome and got to mingle and know each other. While this was happening there were actually a lot of thunder clouds around the area, but the mountains kept them away. The vibes were very relaxed while the sun was setting and it continued till the night.

The wedding day

The big day arrived, it was time for the wedding. You could also feel that the mood from very relaxed changed slightly. It was still quite relaxing but at the same time you started to feel the tension building. The theme from yesterday with the clouds continued, not something that happens very often in the beginning of September. But it kept Anne and Riccardo busy, monitoring the weather, was it going to rain or not? Are we able to keep it dry and have that incredible outside wedding that they always dreamed of.

While Riccardo was preparing and writing his vows with the boys, Anne was with the girls getting prepared as well. It was a great time to ask Riccardo some questions about how he was feeling. He opened up and started tell about it in a very open hearted way. Having had some much experience shooting weddings with Kreativ Wedding, he finally understood how it was to be on the other side. Something we felt was great to use for the film. As it would really build his character, something we really dive deep into. Clearly he was very nervous, about the weather, about seeing Anne the first time.

Anne was in the same state of mind, really focussing on getting prepared and writing down her vows. She was surrounded by her friends who kept her company. Slowly doing her make-up and hair while enjoying a wine. To eventually get into her dress, for her father to see his daughter all dressed up for the first time. This is always such an emotional moment, one that we always want to capture. A moment that a father might be thinking about from even when his girl is still little. Anne’s father could also not hold back his tears, at this beautiful wedding in Tuscany of his very own daughter.

A very special ceremony

He was going to guide Anne to the ceremony, as Riccardo already made his way to the ceremony area. The area was beautifully decorated with rugs, amazing flowers and benches a symphony of the incredibly talented Luca Cozza Flowers (who is specialised in decorating weddings in Tuscany with amazing floral art pieces) and WP Relais. Riccardo was eagerly waiting surrounded by their family and friends to see his bride for the first time. Was he going to keep it dry? Or was he going to cry his eyes out. As the band started playing their song and Anne slowly made her way down to the ceremony area the tension built.

It was then when Riccardo laid first eyes and on Anne and got an overwhelming feeling of excitement and joy. As Anne came walking down the aisle with her arms intertwined with her father, tears started to roll down Riccardo’s cheeks of joy. He could not believe how stunning Anne looked, how all his loved ones were there, and that Anne’s father would symbolically give his daughter away. This moment also caught a lot of the guests off guard, as they barely could keep their emotions in or tears were rolling down their cheeks.

The ceremony turned out to be an amazing experience for all of them. Anne and Riccardo also orchestrated to give all the guests personal letters. Among the guests were many wedding photographers and videographers like, Vicky Baumann, Wedding Pilots, Pretty MomentsĀ  this to make the experience even more special for everyone that attended. Many tears were shed during the whole exchange of their vows that they prepared so well. This for sure was one of the highlights, that everyone will carry with them for the rest of their lives. After the exchange of the rings and pledging to share their lives together until the end of time, the moment was there to let everything go and party.

A special gift idea for the guests

The ceremony turned out to be an amazing experience for all of them. Anne and Riccardo also orchestrated to give all the guests personal letters, this to make the experience even more special for everyone that attended. Many tears were shed while reading the letters but even more during the whole exchange of their vows. This for sure was one of the highlights, of the day. The whole ceremony was a rollercoaster and after the exchange of the ring and the the oh so romantic kiss. It was time to walk down the aisle while being showered in flower petals.

Time to relax

It was time to head back to the Villa to enjoy some drinks, snacks and to congratulate the newly weds. A new time of relaxation and enjoyment started, accompanied by good music everybody got into a super relaxed vibe. It was during this time the sun was slowly setting and it we went out for a short shoot around the premises. Before they knew it, it was time for dinner. The one long table that could seat all the guests was again beautifully decorated by Luca. He really knows how to make a wedding in Tuscany so so special. It was during the typical Italian dinner, with amazing food, that a selection of the guests started their speeches between the courses. Something that we for sure have to record every single time. It is something that is so value and increases in value as time passes.

Slowly you could feel the energy going toward a party mood. With a new band coming in and play great music, the guests started to dance next to the dinner table. It was very affectionate because before we knew it, everyone started dancing! It was a great gradually transition into the party, a party that was officially started with a romantic first dance with all the guests gathered around them and minutes later the whole dance floor was filled with dancing guests until the early hours.

After wedding shoot

The day after the wedding they decided to get fully dressed again to go out for an after wedding shoot. This allowed us to go a bit further from the venue and look for an awesome location just for shooting. As there was no stress from the wedding day, it was super relaxed and we had plenty of time until the sun started to set yet again. This really allowed us to build more of story with the additional footage we were able to shoot and looking into the details that make our films even more personal.

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