Meera & Xavi

A wedding of Epic proportions, and a couple so in love with each other it drew everyone closer. A wedding to never forgot for anyone that was present. Two worlds that were merged into one, Meera from New York with an Indian background and Xavi from Sitges, Spain, brought together by their love, celebrated their marriage in an unforgettable way.

4-days of celebration starting with the Indian traditions, of the Haldi during sunrise, with their closest family on the beach, to the henna ceremony at Xavi’s parents house and opening the wedding with a pre-wedding dinner. The days after were filled with many more Indian traditional elements, including the Sangeet, a Barat (with the horse) and many explosions of energy and joy. The last day was a Catholic wedding, with a totally different vibe, but the joy and love was what transcended through it all.

As wedding filmmakers this was an absolute joy to work with. They gave us full creativity and support in anything we thought of. They were so kind and open to us. But will 4 days with so many elements it was an amazing creative challenge. Yes, we could’ve just edited everything straight forward as it happened. Or really search on how we can create a compelling storyline with all the elements mixed but still very balanced.

After countless hours of working our creative brain and go through all the footage, we came with the concept of their love transcending space and time. As if different parts of the weddings would be different parallel universes. Where they would still find each other.

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