Alyssa / Scott

The Acre Baja wedding of Alyssa and Scott (from Scott Roeder Photography) was just perfect. With the amount of experience Scott has with shooting weddings you know it’s going to be good. Because having seen so many, you really start to know what you want and don’t want for your own wedding. And that really showed!

It the beginning of March they contacted us, to ask if we would be available to film their wedding only 3 weeks later. With a message that they knew it was very last minute but they loved our work, to ask if we were available. We jumped on a call and got the go-ahead to go to Mexico, something we couldn’t have imagined at the beginning of the month. But boy were we happy with them deciding to get a wedding film at the last minute.

The morning at JW Marriott

The pre-wedding event and preparations of the wedding were at the JW Marriott Hotel Los Cabos a place designed to change its look during the progression of the day. By working with shadow patterns and the location of the sun. It was very inspirational and it helped to create some unique footage. Alyssa and Scott got prepared in separate rooms surround by their bridesmaids and groomsmen. For Alyssa it was a morning filled with a lot of emotions, joy, tears of happiness and lots of laughter. With Scott they had good fun also, you could feel he was really living up to the moment of seeing Alyssa for the first look and the ceremony.

When they finished it was time for the first look, we scouted a beautiful spot for them to see each other for the first time. And it was clear that Scott was overwhelmed by how beautiful Alyssa looked. We gave them the space to fully enjoy the moment, where after we had some time to do a shoot before we headed out to Acre Baja.

The ceremony at Acre Baja

Once we arrived at Acre Baja for the wedding ceremony, my breath was taken away by the sheer beauty of it. We saw the pictures online but when you are there for real, it’s such an amazing place and experience. The ceremony area was also beautifully setup and there was a lot of time spend on the details. And maybe the best thing is the amazing local food, it was really incredible.

After the ceremony we got out to do some more shooting while the light was getting softer, it was perfect lighting to shoot with. And we had great fun while doing it. All while Benjamin Schaefer (our second shooter from) was flying the drone to get some beautiful shots during the sunset. Whereafter we went to the dinner, had an intimate first dance and some great speeches. All before the crazy party started on the dance floor…

After wedding shooting

The day after we got together again to do an after wedding shoot which is part of our packages, close to Acre Baja. But with the freedom of not having the stress of the wedding day we could try different things when shooting. And these kind of shoots really help to tell an even better story for our couples.

The team

Everything was amazingly organised by Karla Casillas and her incredible team. They were so great to work with and did an incredible job with the styling. And it’s always great to work with an awesome wedding photographer and in this case it was the oh so talented Lukas Piatek, we had great fun and really bounced of each other creativity to elevate to higher level.

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