Wedding Filmmakers Workshop

"Take your wedding film business to the next level. Covering all topics from A-Z, from pricing and marketing to shooting and creative editing."

In this course we will share everything we do to run our business, how we got here and our full editing process. This class has over 9 hours of course material for you to soak up. Additionally you will get access to our exclusive Facebook group to further discuss on the topics.

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What's included

Getting the right clients

Always wanted to get a certain type of clients, those that do vows or just grow? There is a good logical to get what you want.

Getting destination weddings

Travelling for weddings can be good inspiration but also allow for bigger budget weddings, we share how we get ours and how to approach these.

How to market your business

Marketing can be a hard task, but knowing what the possibilities are and how to approach it can make it a lot easier.

Make more money

Learn how to price and promote your services in a smart way. Start to charge more right away and return your investment.

How to shoot

A step-by-step guide how we shoot a wedding and how to work with couples as a filmmaker and how to get the most out of this.


We believe one of the most important parts when creating films. We'll dive into the theory and how we apply this to our wedding films.

Our editing process

From organising your footage, culling, synchronising audio, to the creative editing and thought process with Davinci Resolve.

Color grading

The finishing touch for your films. Learn how to read the scopes, how to correct footage and create and apply a look with Davinci Resolve

Sound design

The power adding additional sound to your films. Learn where to find the right sounds, which sounds to pick and how to have the right balance.

And much more...

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For who

  • Always wanted to attend one of our workshops but you weren't able to? Now is your chance to learn from us through our online workshop! Get all the ins & outs, learn from our years of experiences, there's no holding back. Let's go!
  • When you just started your wedding videography business, and want to have a clear guide.
  • Your business is stuck and you want to improve.
  • When you want to know how to get those destination weddings.
  • In case you are in need of inspiration.
  • You feel like you are worth more but don't know how to charge more.
  • Would love to know how we work.
  • Want to get better at editing wedding films.
  • Have a desire to tell more compelling stories.
  • Commercial filmmakers wanting to shoot weddings.
  • And many more...

Course Content

This is an overview of all the chapters and lessons inside the course. All lessons range from a duration of 5 minutes to over 30 minutes.

Chapter 1: About Maru Films (14 mins)

  • Lesson 1 - A - Our background story
  • Lesson 1 - B - How we started weddings

Chapter 2: Creating opportunities (25 mins)

  • Lesson 2 - A - How we got here
  • Lesson 2 - B - Creating opportunities
  • Lesson 2 - C - Getting our first destination wedding
  • Lesson 2 - D - Finding our voice

Chapter 3: Getting the right clients (32 mins)

  • Lesson 3 - A - Getting the (right) clients
  • Lesson 3 - B - Getting the right content
  • Lesson 3 - C - Marketing channels
  • Lesson 3 - D - Destination weddings
  • Lesson 3 - E - Social media

Chapter 4: The business side (27 mins)

  • Lesson 4 - A - The business
  • Lesson 4 - B - CRM
  • Lesson 4 - C - Pricing
  • Lesson 4 - D - High-end pricing
  • Lesson 4 - E - Pricing tips

Chapter 5: Our philosophy (16 mins)

  • Lesson 5 - A - What is a wedding film
  • Lesson 5 - B - Working with couples

Chapter 6: How to shoot (13 mins)

  • Lesson 6 - A - Composition
  • Lesson 6 - B - Camera movement
  • Lesson 6 - C - Getting the content

Chapter 7: The gear (23 mins)

  • Lesson 7 - A - Camera's and Lenses
  • Lesson 7 - B - ND Filters
  • Lesson 7 - C - Audio recorders
  • Lesson 7 - D - Other gear
  • Lesson 7 - E - Getting the most out of your gear

Chapter 8: How to shoot a full wedding day (1hour 6 mins)

  • Lesson 8 - A - Bride prep
  • Lesson 8 - B - General shooting tips
  • Lesson 8 - C - Groom prep
  • Lesson 8 - D - First look
  • Lesson 8 - E - Vows
  • Lesson 8 - F - Ceremony
  • Lesson 8 - G - Ceremony Audio
  • Lesson 8 - H - First dance and party

Chapter 9: Couple shoot (31 mins)

  • Lesson 9 - A - Couple shoot
  • Lesson 9 - B - Couple shoot 2

Chapter 10: Our inspiration (11 mins)

  • Lesson 10 - A - Inspiration

Chapter 11: Storytelling (1hour 12 mins)

  • Lesson 11 - A - Storytelling intro
  • Lesson 11 - B - Storytelling Fundamentals
  • Lesson 11 - C - Putting it all together
  • Lesson 11 - D - Story structures
  • Lesson 11 - E - Wedding film stories
  • Lesson 11 - F - And the plot thickens
  • Lesson 11 - G - Listen to the heart

Chapter 12: Editing process (1 hour 33 mins)

  • Lesson 12 - A - Project organisation
  • Lesson 12 - B - Syncing
  • Lesson 12 - C - Clip selection
  • Lesson 12 - D - Music selection
  • Lesson 12 - E - Live editing

Chapter 13: Into the edit (30 mins)

  • Lesson 13 - A - Into the edit - Opening
  • Lesson 13 - B - Into the edit - The Story

Chapter 14: Color grading (35 mins)

  • Lesson 14 - A - Color grading
  • Lesson 14 - B - Understanding the RGB Parade scope
  • Lesson 14 - C - White Balance
  • Lesson 14 - D - Skintones
  • Lesson 14 - E - Color correction process
  • Lesson 14 - F - Color grading process
  • Lesson 14 - G - LUTs

Chapter 15: Sound design (15 mins)

  • Lesson 15 - A - Sound design

Chapter 16: Creativity (15 mins)

  • Lesson 16 - A - Creativity

Chapter 17: Bonus (13 mins)

  • Lesson 15 - A - Sound design

workshop marufilms behind the scenes

About us

Maru Films is a leading wedding filmmaker team in the wedding industry. We have been filming weddings since 2012, Based in Amsterdam but shooting weddings all over the world; Italy, France, Iceland, Norway, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico, Jakarta, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Georgia, Romania, Belgium and Paraguay. All to capture the most amazing stories for our couples.

Our capacity in creating compelling storytelling sets us apart from many other wedding filmmakers. With this we have also been speaking and teaching at conferences and our workshops (again) all over the world.

A selection of our awards:

  • 2020 - Best wedding filmmaker Europe (WUN)
  • 2020 - Best wedding film Europe (WUN)
  • 2019 - Best wedding film (For Love’s sake)
  • 2018 - Best wedding film (For Love’s sake)
  • 2017 - Finalist Europe’s best wedding film (WUN)
  • 2016 - Best Wedding Videographer globally (WEVA)
  • 2015 - Best wedding film Netherlands (BFFA)


Lauri van Bodegraven says:
I followed a workshop of Maru Films and I have never been more creative and authentic in my work than after their workshop! They were so open about the whole process and I learned a lot from that. My level of editing has gone way up and more people are booking me because they love the work that I deliver now. Thank you so much guys!

Rafka Timofeyev says:
Thank you so much Dear Maru films for all the love, respect and knowledge you were so willingly to share to all of us. It was a pleasure and a privilege to be part of your Workshop. I feel now immensely inspired and armed with the right tools, to move my business forward. Very profound, honest and useful information without holding back!

Marco Casamassima says:
I really found Kokoro workshop like a way to completely rebuilt my entire wedding films crafting process. It helped me to understand what was important for me and what I wanted to convey in our films. Every topic is developed and explained in detail and it was incredible to see how much attention and care Maru Films applied to their entire workflow. After the workshop we started to think differently, to edit better and we finally reached our ideal customers. This is certainly one of those workshops that I would can recommend everyone.

Dan Stroehlein says:
So it's been three years since I attended the first workshop in Amsterdam, and I want to let you know how much it helped me. Thanks you for all your help along the way and answering so many questions. Our films have gotten us some notable attention in our area of NY and we are really starting to grow and become well known for our work, which is really cool to see.

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