About us

We love emotions. Pure emotions. Capturing them and making something people can feel. Being touched. That’s what Maru Films stands for.

We capture that what is most important: the love between two people and the emotions throughout the day. Not just the emotions of the wedding couple, but of everyone surrounding you on your special day.

As two creative professionals we have a unique artistic eye for filming. We set ourselves apart because of the style of artistic filming and attention to detail. We just love all little things that make your wedding YOU. The combination of artistic images, carefully chosen music and capturing the emotions makes our type of wedding film that touches you deep within.

Pui-Yuk Schouten-Man


Born and raised in Holland. Living in Amsterdam. Finds it sometimes hard to hold back the tears behind the camera. Doesn’t know when to stop. Fell in love with hiking and nature in Japan. Got engaged in Iceland. Has a guitar lying around as a failed hobby. Happy she has found her true passion in videography.

Loves: details, wedding bouquets, corncobs, popcorn, morning coffee, traveling, hiking, nature, golden hour, natural lighting, adventure, music, netflix, family, big hugs, laughing at her own jokes.

Remi Schouten


Born & raised in a small town in the south of Holland. Living in Amsterdam with his wife. Passionate, Technical, up for anything. Adventurous. Google is his best friend. Can be happy about the smallest things in life. Always positive.

Loves: meeting new people, racing with his MX5 on the track, riding his motorcycle, hot dogs, being inspired, nature, hiking, adventures, Iceland, making our video’s go viral, doing new things, change, being creative.

And together...

Maru Films team

For over 13 years and married since 2016. We’re best friends and each day discover more about one another. We communicate without words.

We love traveling. Lived in Japan for one year to study the language, that’s where the serious filming began. If you’re wondering what Maru means. It’s Japanese and literally means Circle, perfection, infinite. Pronounced mah-roo.

For the past years, Maru Films has been nominated for:

  • Winner Best Wedding Videographer 2016 – World Event Videography Association
  • Winner Bruids Foto & Film Award 2016, (category film).
  • Dutch Wedding Awards 2014, for wedding videographer of the year

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