Colorgrading presets

The YAMA Package

Get that cinematic film look, that we have been fine-tuning for years. We have been working hard on getting a good package of LUTS with the primary focus for wedding films. A well balanced contemporary look that is timeless and works in all situations. This pack contains a total of 8 LUTs, with 4 styles in 2 contrast variations allowing it to be used with pretty much any camera.

€99 for €79

The inspiration for this pack comes from the Japanese mountain ranges. Hence the name: Yama. Japan is known for its attention to detail and respect for everything around. That's also how we have treated this color package. They stay true to the environment and skin tones but making the footage look more cinematic.

The LUTs

Every LUT has its own distinct feel and vibe, which can be used to set the mood of your preference to your footage.

The YAMA package can be applied to any camera but are from the base created for cine profiles. However, they are also applicable when converting log footage to REC709.


Deep blacks with warm tones, giving a cosy atmosphere to your footage. The overall look has a bit more magenta feel to it, giving it a distinguished look.

When using this LUT and all other LUTs it's important to have the right white balance and exposure. If you want to have a little bit more details in the darker area's, make sure to push the shadows up a bit


A contrasty look with dimmed highlights, going for a darker cold and warm look but with great vibrance. To achieve a darker look with great pop. Where the emphasis on light takes an important role in the frame.

With the emphasis on the dark tones this LUT is great for the somewhat lighter footage. With the focus on the cold and warm tones the temperature and tint sliders/settings on the footage give a lot of control over the whole look.


For the moody wedding film, when you are going for a dramatic vibe, this LUT will help you accomplish that. Making the skies a bit bluer while adding contrast and pop to the whole image.

This LUT also focusses on the dark tones, it's important to set the exposure right with this one.


The most stylized look from the bunch. With a very warm feel throughout the whole range. We put a lot of emphasis on the the people in the frame to pop and it works great any kind of light.

How to use it

We put together a small live color grading tutorial, it explains how to use the LUTS and how it works with different types of camera's and footage:

What's included?


  • 8 LUTS in 4 Styles with 2 Contrast levels
  • Professional cinematic style for your films
  • Tested on many different camera's
  • Access to our Facebook support group
  • €99 for €79
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For which camera's does it work?
This has been tested on:

  • Sony – Cine4
  • Sony – S-log2
  • GH5 – Cine-D
  • GH5 – V-LOG
  • Fuji X-T2
  • Canon 5D Mark II
  • Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K
  • RED Weapon 8K
Even though not all camera's have been tested, we are confident that it will work on all footage.

Which editing software do I need?
All editors that allow you to add a custom LUT work with these files.

It's not a big difference
LUTs where you see a big difference are often very hard to use and work in very specific use-cases. Because we want these to work in any circumstance and the skin tones to remain very natural, our LUTs are quite contemporary. They give the extra pop to your footage, with stylistics tweaks.

After downloading the product it is no longer eligible for a refund.