Iceland Roadtrip

After having lived in Japan in 2010, we kept going back to Japan, to do more traveling and visiting friends. Along the way we discovered our love for nature and at the same time our passion to capture everything we see with our camera’s.

In May 2014 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary. We’ve been together for over a decade! It really is unbelievable, but certainly doesn’t feel that long. One thing is for sure; we can’t live without each other. So for our anniversary Remi decided to spoil me by not just giving some random present. He decided to give me something very special; a love trip to Iceland…

Iceland seemed to be the perfect next destination, since it’s known as a photographers paradise and we could practice and develop our filming skills. At the same time, we finally could get some well deserved rest after hard work filming weddings in the summer of 2014. Remi arranged the whole thing, little did I know what was really planned. So once we landed, we travelled to Reykjavik and picked up our car for a road trip around the island; the ‘full circle’. Back in the hotel we received our itinerary for all the days including the route to the destinations and all of the hotels. So the whole trip was actually a surprise to both of us.

Once we drove away from Reykjavik, the scenery around us changed from a small city to beautiful mountains everywhere, a perfectly smooth highway, and a beautiful sun shining in the clear blue sky. After half an hour we already stopped to look around us because there was just so much beauty around us. We had to take a moment and let it all set in…

Everything just looks so different; it’s nothing like we’ve ever seen before. Powerful volcanic forces have forged a rugged and beautiful land. Every part of it keeps on impressing and amazing you. Every time we stopped at different sights, we just couldn’t believe that something like this actually exists! If you haven’t been there, you must think that we’re losing our minds. But believe me, once you’ve seen it with your own eye you’ll know what we’re talking about.

We were extremely lucky with the weather. We had a lot of sun and clear blue skies. Even the Icelandic people we met told us how lucky we were. During the week prior to our trip it was raining a lot for a very long period. Only at the end of our trip, we had bad weather with rain and snow. But that didn’t matter; even with bad weather we still enjoyed every second of it because on film and photo it had a more dramatic effect.

After you leave the big city of Reykjavik, you won’t see a lot of people. We eventually saw more sheep than people in Iceland. The sheep are everywhere! And even the sheep look amazing in the sun. It seems like they’re glowing…

There are so many things to do in Iceland. Mostly it’s to enjoy the nature and go hiking. So that’s what did. Main attractions are the geysers (where boiling hot water rockets 10-20 meters into the air), the many waterfalls (each different from one another), national parks, the sheep, the glaciers, the glacier lagoons, the mountains, the snowy tops, black sandy beaches, mountain areas covered with green moss, etc, etc. We also some extra activities booked, for example the whale watching, glacier walking, and riding on snow mobiles on top of a mountain.

The proposal

But Remi also had an ulterior motive with this whole trip to Iceland. On the Friday we were there, the plan of the day was to go to Skaftafell for the Glaciers, the waterfalls, and the Glacier lagoon. That day there was not much driving. We parked our car and went hiking. There was a hiking route, with several viewing points.

So after we saw some waterfalls, we went to a different viewing point for the Glacier. It was about an hour walk, and it was so peaceful! There was hardly anybody there, and once on top of the viewing point, the view was spectacular. We were standing right next to the Glacier, saw the Glacier lake, with beautiful snowy mountain backdrop and the sun in a clear blue sky.

I was enjoying the view, and Remi was setting up the camera to take a photo. But instead Remi got down on one knee and filmed the whole thing. This was by far the most beautiful moment in my life.

All in all, too many things, but not enough time. We had such an amazing time and this experience we’ll never forget. Iceland turned out to be a perfect backdrop for a romantic trip, we could recommend it to everyone! We hope our story will inspire you to plan a trip or even your wedding in this country! We would love to shoot a video for a destination wedding in Iceland someday… ❤

Want to book us for your wedding? We are not restricted to the Netherlands, because we love to travel 🙂

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